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Organic dairy products

Organic milk is better

So shows a meta-analysis of studies of the past three years that organic dairy products have a significantly higher protein content and just as significantly higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids have and a better omega-3 omega-6 ratio than conventional dairy products. 4

Organic Food: Eating Organic on a Budget Amazon ImageNow we know, however, that a favorable omega-3 omega-6 ratio very positive impact on health, for example, chronic inflammation may have, so that one may assume that the consumption of organic dairy products ( if you tolerate dairy products ) is always more advantageous than that of conventional milk.

At this point we would like to point out that the threshold limit value the responsible authorities leaves plenty of creative freedom and often the limits are adjusted to pesticide contamination in vegetables and not – as you might have dared to hope – vice versa.

Thus, the Government, for example, has limits for some proven hesitation to increase health or water-polluting pesticides. In addition, there are – according to Greenpeace – for about a fifth of plant protection products authorized at all no limits, only so-called quantitative proposals which, if exceeded, however, would not draw any serious consequences, so you understandably hardly devoted to these chemicals in studies attention.

But not enough, also illegal pesticides, which are therefore not allowed, are occasionally found in fruits and vegetables. As you can see only that but what one is looking, illegal pesticides are neither sought nor found in offical studies.

It is interesting in this context is the fact that some chemicals in their harmful effects can exacerbate each other. Unfortunately, these synergistic effects are still poorly studied and therefore can be found in meta-analyzes such as those from Stanford regrettably no place. 2

Organic farming is safer

Back to meta-analysis from Stanford. Aside from pesticide measurements, we also examined studies that dealt with animal husbandry. It was found that conventional farming a higher risk in terms of antibiotic resistance in bacteria formation than the mountains stock farming and that accordingly the meat conventionally produced more burdened with these superbugs is as the flesh of organic animals.

Further evaluations – in whom are said to have revealed no differences between organic and non-organic in the examined studies – related to the nutrient content and the bacterial load of food and the impact of food origin of allergic symptoms.

Organic foods are better

The actual result of this meta-analysis was therefore quite different from that wanted us to believe the media reports. organic foods ARE better than conventional food in our diets. Why, then, the headlines that reminded more of an anti-organic campaign, as plain to the studies conclusion, namely that organic is better? Of course, it was partly because the scientists from Stanford raised the concern, it is not known whether better foods are healthier at the same time (even if such a conclusion would be obvious), probably because the relevant studies were missed.

The anti-organic campaign

The anti-organic campaign could still have very different reasons. Thus, the Stanford study seemed to be a welcome opportunity to the public to manipulate such a way that they begin to believe it is not worthwhile to buy organic food because they supposedly anyway no higher health value would than the usual food. Then one hopes, perhaps, that the increased import or cultivation of genetically modified seeds , the increase of limits for pesticides or maintaining the mass animal stalls without grazing will no longer meet the usual resistance in the population. Also likely to be the future müsigen discussions on transparency in unnecessary things Lebensmitteldeklarierung. After all, why should anyone else value on an organic label or a reference to genetic engineering, if all this does not promise a better quality anyway?

Down with Organic – at any price

And if people still buy organic foods and just will not let go of their desire for clean environment and unpolluted food, then you can still quickly attracts the last card out of his pocket – and has always worked quickly and sustainably. Who buys organic, various media reports 3 , namely must fear that the salad from a farmer descended with extreme right-wing ideas. Yes, it advises customers even organic, to inquire with the shop owner about the political sentiments of the respective manufacturer before buying organic foods.

Organic Foods: What You Didn’t Know Amazon Image

Of an organic customers, namely, the already strives to maintain an environmentally and socially compatible lifestyles and eating style, you can certainly ask for this extra effort finally. Who buys the other hand, in FIDL and WALDI needs is the attitude of the suppliers do not have to worry because the whole concept of business and marketing models is already such environmental, animal and inhuman that a possible right settlement of the suppliers it also verschimmern nothing more could.

Is all of this – including the Stanford study and their hype – so just a try, people’s methods of agro-industry (monoculture, high mechanical and energy use) and the products of multinational mega-corporations (GM seed, chemicals) to agree well-intentioned?

Organic foods are nutrient-rich

This suspicion hardens the more so the deeper one goes into the subject. For example, it is incomprehensible that the Stanford researchers wanted have found no significant differences in nutrients and vital substances between organic foods and non-organic foods. Even a first look at the literature and studies in the databases brings ample evidence for the significantly higher nutrients and vital substances in organic foods revealed. And the human benefits including colon health and intestinal srength is proven in many ways.

Receive Due Payment With Injury Lawyers

Due to the fact automobile collisions are actually the likely reason of numerous fatalities and traumas in America; they have grown into the predominant cause to submit car accident litigation. Not only in the USA, regrettably throughout the world, are lots of people and cars involved in highway collisions. These collisions take place in brief time periods and prior to you understand what came about, the unfortunate collision takes place, causing you to be dumbfounded. For the most part, negligence is actually the primary thing whenever an injury of this kind occurs.

Time and again when there is an automobile crash, it’s presumed that fault is done by one or more motorists linked to the accident. All that comes after the crash is the challenging part, securing the suitable settlement you are worthy of can be demanding. The insurers might make efforts to encourage you to a deal which will or will not be effective for you. Out of court deal takes place when the the wrongdoer wants to offer remuneration to the affected individual in situations of medical expenses. Whenever there’s a malfunction, a manufacturing defect or some other factor resulting in an automobile accident; do not dump your automobile, because it can in fact be used for proof, whenever there’s any further checking.

There is quite a bit to understand of vehicle accidents, the penalty thereafter, confronting the problem in front of you, and good deal more. However, the most significant thing remains; to have pertinent information and getting in touch with a professional and reputable car accident lawyer. He/she will typically have your welfare at heart; he makes your adaptation less painful. Learning legal terms is not easy thus he/she may know your court case and explain the privileges of the injured party. Mostly car accidents are perceived as a legal matter and thus have to be sorted out by law.

This can be a single session or a collection of connected sessions, whenever an accident ensues (nasty brain injury or any sort of physical trauma) or fiscal losses are also involved because of collision; the careless person may need to deal with a matter linked with traffic law offenses. When the facet of carelessness is verified, the work of personal injury attorney or the car accident attorney is rather easy. As explained previously, giving proof of guilty individual’s neglect typically becomes one of the primary difficulties a lawyer might face sometimes.

Nevertheless, it’s necessary equally for the sufferer and injury attorney to display that the party engaged is accountable for pains or any sort of harm induced by him or her. Nonetheless in most of the incidents, people seek to clear up the thing at the accident spot, however if a court matter is concerned then it’s often best to hire a qualified lawyer since, legal matters are not rather simple to grasp; as they will look. Take note, I am not an attorney, this is not a legal advice, it’s my individual belief, nevertheless for truthful legal advice, please visit gluckstein online portal straight away.

Healthy Diet

Do you care if your diet is healthy?

Everyone is free to choose how they eat food and thus have great impact on health.

Eating a candy bar for breakfast or a pizza before bedtime can really make ones stomach turn and ingest odd chemicals not made for human consumption. But you have a right to do that if you want. Many people do.

It might make one feel sick – but does it really feel like we’re hurting our health in the long term? Maybe not.

Only hardly anyone really knows exactly what healthy eating actually is. And the same two old wives tales are told again and again the same: First, the usual diet is ideal for people or even second, namely that diet had little to do with health.

Amazon ImageA Healthy Diet Makes You Happy and Smile More

Do not use industrially produced food and discover the delights of nature!

No health without healthy diet

But the widespread poor health of the people is the exact opposite, namely, first, that the usual diet is obviously not ideal and that secondly full health without a healthy diet is as good as impossible. But what healthy eating actually is now?

How to find out what is really healthy diet?

Now, there are known a lot of different types of food and diets, which are known as exceptionally healthy or even to have healing powers. The Blood Type Diet , the GI Diet , the metabolic diet , the diet of Fit for Life , the Ayurvedic diet , the food combining , the food on the 5 elements , the vegan diet and infinitely many more.

Did you find out what is the existing diets only right now, then you would at least ten more, and this life alone with the study of it to spend. But in the end you still do not know which diet is right and above all healthy.

Basically you need to do two things, to find out what is healthy eating. First, think for a while. And secondly, you should do quite objectively. Remember to take your own culinary preferences, you forget your habits and especially forget everything (or at least most), what you have heard and read about nutrition.

What is a “healthy diet”?

Healthy diet is the optimal diet. A diet that the organism is what he needs. A diet that lets you – when you’re sick – is healthy and – if you’re healthy – stay healthy. This diet I would like to describe here – and uncompromising.

Compromises you make sure sooner or later one myself. If you are smart, but only to the extent that your body can tolerate in his health also. As long as you do not know what’s really healthy diet is because you are continually fobbed off on all sides with compromises or even false claims, then you can not also decide to what extent you follow the rules really healthy diet and how far you away from it want.

Healthy Eating, Healthy World: Unleashing the Power of Plant-Based Nutrition Amazon ImageWould there be this unhealthy food product without the food industry?

The easiest method to decide whether this or that food, and whether this or that part of preparation for a healthy diet, is to consider whether there would be this or that product without the help of the food industry. If no, then it is avoided or prepared so that it is healthy.

Take, for example chips from potatoes. Here the decision is not very hard. Chips are produced industrially. If you’re lucky, there are potato slices, but often enough to potato powder, fried pressed with cheap fat in disk form, “embellished” with dyes and was treated with flavor enhancers. Potato chips as they are sold in the supermarket, there would not be without the food industry, which is why they do not belong to a healthy diet.

However, if you organically grown cut potatoes into slices and dry at low temperature itself or bake in oven, then with high-quality vegetable oil (see Healthy fats ) sprinkle with crystal salt seasoning, paprika and herbs and fresh eating, then these potato chips “homegrown” be part of a healthy diet.

It is also particularly helpful when we to decide what is now part of a healthy diet and what is not our closest relatives in the animal kingdom – the chimpanzees – for advice.

Animals instinctively know what is healthy eating. Unfortunate humanoids do not!

Eat, Drink, and Be Healthy: The Harvard Medical School Guide to Healthy Eating Amazon Image

Organic is better!

Organic chickens are healthier

Now, you may grieve at Stanford, because there is no clear study on “Are organic people healthier?” are. A study on the question “Are organic chicken healthier?” There is. This shows that organic chickens a stronger defense force and have to cope after an infection with a significantly shorter recovery period until they are healthy again, as is the case with conventionally held chickens.

Amazon ImageWe can be so much better off if we would all just stop using dangerous pesticides and chemicals on the food we grow and animals we eat. Organic food is a much better choice!

Even an organic vegetable is – of course – better than conventional vegetables.

One in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine published study found that organically grown vegetables, fruits and grains significantly more vitamin C , magnesium and phosphorus and significantly less nitrates than conventionally grown vegetables contain. Also, it seemed that contain herbal organic products while less protein , for this. higher quality Just as organic products were less contaminated with heavy metals than conventional products. 6 Two other studies showed similar, namely that organic spinach less nitrate, but like organic tomatoes more vitamin C and flavonoids provides more.

Again, it is known that a diet of nitrate-laden foods – can lead to health problems – especially in children. A diet low in nitrate from organic food we would therefore want to designate as much healthier. Furthermore, when more vitamin C, magnesium, and phytochemicals such as flavonoids are contained, the better. The latter were not even taken into account the way in Stanford, although in today’s health and cancer prevention hold a very high priority.

Organic protects better against cancer

And when we’re on the topic of cancer, then you may interested this study of black currant. Here it was discovered that the organic berries not provided the same high yields as currants conventionally treated. However, the reported organic red currants on a higher vitamin C content and cancer cells could obviously better than conventional block currants. From that researchers of the Danish Aarhus University that organic currants have a higher health value for the consumer.

Organic food is much more

With organically produced food but not only counts, what specifically to important nutrients and vital substances in the salad, the potato infected or meat or what is lacking in concrete of contaminants and drug residues. Very important is also the origin of the seeds concerned. Thus, the organic agriculture – still trying to remain GM-free – despite increasing thresholds.

In addition, processed foods are also known. Processed organic foods are but – in contrast to conventional food – free of artificial food additives (eg, artificial sweeteners , artificial colors, preservatives, etc.).

Furthermore, organic foods are usually very carefully and gently and often even processed using highly energy-saving technologies. All of these factors were at Stanford under the table and yet you dare to say with such incomplete information collection, organic food would be not very different from conventional.

Who funded the Stanford study?

Apart from the funding source of the Stanford analysis is referred to as “not available”. So the scientists analyzed more than 200 studies in question, without being paid for it. That seems a bit unusual and could be tempted by certain conjectures, about this, that the lenders do not want to be named, otherwise the objective of the analysis – namely misinformation instead of information – could perhaps be too obvious?

With organic you feel better and not have problems with diseases!

Fortunately, you will not be guided by the mainstream media around by the nose. And so it goes you might like the participants in the following study: The higher quality of organic food you feel that is the hard way – even if it’s still like to give any clear studies. Using a questionnaire, 566 participants were asked about their personal health experiences as a result of switching to organic foods. 70 percent of participants reported significant health effects. Of these reported 70 percent of a better general health, higher energy levels and better resilience in relation to diseases (almost exactly like the organic chicken!). 30 percent of a better mental condition, 24 percent of improved gastric and intestinal functions , 19 percent of better skin , healthier hair and / or nails and 14 percent of less allergic symptoms .

Can organic feed the world?

Organic is better with organic and makes you feel better. Ok, you say, but now when everyone wanted to buy organic food, then large parts of humanity starvation is certain. They will add that organic agriculture finally due to lower yields and higher land at the same time demand certainly could not feed the entire world population. Fortunately, she can – and better long-term than conventional agriculture.

Even though we should be made of almost all pages knows that conventional agriculture constituted with its multitude of chemicals and their genetically modified seeds, the only way to feed the world population, this is definitely not the case. Conventional agriculture may be ONE way. One way of – readily apparent to everyone – sooner rather than later in the ecological collapse and thus end in little glorious finale of mankind.

Organic does not equal organic

Another way is organic farming – and here we are talking about the real biological agriculture (which is implemented according to the rules of organic farming associations, such as organic, Demeter, etc.) and not from the pseudo-biological agriculture, the times just in the hope of higher profits jumped on the organic train erfolgsverheissenden, only meets the minimum legal requirements and – whenever possible – exemptions (eg for food or grazing) exploits. The real organic agriculture can – as the following studies show – not only feed the world population, but to save the earth from impending ecological crisis.

Bio rescues poor countries

In a study by the University of Michigan, for example, the researchers found that organic farming not only in industrialized countries, but especially in the third world the same, if not can achieve even higher yields than conventional farming. Also, this study showed that the global population could be very well bio-feed with the already existing areas – and WITHOUT the environment and people’s health at risk.

Organic Gardening 101: A Step by Step Beginner’s Guide to Gardening and Growing Your Own Healthy Organic Produce

Pest Control for Organic Gardening: Natural Methods for Pest and Disease Control for a Healthy Garden Amazon Image

Assisted Living In A Positive Light

Healthy living is a way of life these days–or a lifestyle one might say. If you or someone you love is getting up there in age, consider BLCS assisted living to help them or to help yourself gain control and independence still over your life. As we all age, there are some things we just cannot do anymore. This progression is different for each person and so at a facility like this they have their needs catered to as to what they can and cannot do themselves. At an assisted care living facility you are living independently but within a schedule that meets your needs and suits that of the caretaker as well. That is the beauty of getting to live independently but also to have the assistance when needed. This make the world of difference in the life of a senior. They are able to stay mobile to their appropriate efficiency level and they are also able to receive the assistance of care that they need. It is not easy to grow old and ask for help, but when that becomes your way of life and new lifestyle, why not live it out as a healthy one so that your days may be long upon the earth.

Focus Groups as Odd Jobs – Winfalls!

Here’s an excerpt from my article on Focus Groups became my favorite odd jobs, and they are fun. The web is full of promise for everything from Get Rich Quick to Work from your underwear. When someone is working in their underwear and you see it on a video, there is probably a camera crew and a good amount of funding behind it.

I dislike the promise that some make that online surveys and focus groups of any kind can be a real living. They are not.

But, as focus groups go, they have bee quite a nice odd jobs for me, a supplement to my day job. But as I recount in my tale of the Jet Lag Goggles focus group, I would not quit my day job or jeopardize it for a focus group.

But, when you need an odd job, and you get one, and it gives you a bit of extra money, well, that’s the best feeling. Into every life a few windfalls should come.

If you sign up for enough focus groups, and you surf craigslist on a daily basis, you’ll be putting yourself in the best possible position for creating luck.

There is the old adage that we create our own luck, and the sole purpose of my site, my online course and e books is to encourage you to do just that. I want to show you how to build the numbers. But for now you need to do the leg work.

Focus Groups and other Paid Research are easy to find if you know where to look.

Planning new year celebration in london

Planning your your new year celebrations for experience a great NYE in London can be a nightmare and thousands of people always the fear that they will be stuck in a taxi or running down a cold street just for searching of a bar that will take you in as the clock strikes midnight.

End of 2013 will be a pretty momentous year for the UK, so bid it a fond farewell with a party to rival the Olympic closing ceremony! Here are tips on how to see in 2014 in style in london, and you need to read it which will guide you through the UK’s capital city big events.

This capital city saw more than its fair share of drama and fireworks for welcoming 2014, where all set to see out the welcoming year with an almighty bang! Setting this capital city’s skyline alight is the free Mayor’s firework which will returns to the capital to bring the historic year to a close.

You will be hard pushed for finding a grander scene anywhere in the world as the Big Ben, Thames, and the London Eye become engulfed in colorful of light.

Read further detail to prepare you holidays and New Years Eve 2014 london

Start to Finish Brewing Beer At Home

If you have ever thought about home beer brewing, think about it some more and look into what it takes to do it. You may be surprised that it is much easier than you think. All you need in this modern day of convenience and simplicity is a kit, a stove, and a pot to boil water in. A few other basic equipment pieces are needed but it all comes down to the beer. For those of you who are already into brewing, be sure to store it properly so that the flavors are not affected or altered in any way. Technique and timing matter greatly in this hobby. Do not even be worried about the bottling process. Go ahead and look into what you need to make your own labels. There are sites online that have features that allow you to design your own beer bottle labels. This seals the deal and makes your product look very professional. It is silly these days to pay for premium beer, so look into making it at home so you can enjoy it for yourself and that you may share with your friends or other adult family members.

Benefiting From Business Checks In Our Life

Business checks and computer checks assist in running and maintaining company cash information and eliminate probabilities of theft and cheating. Computer checks are utilized to spend on numerous stuff, from bills to wages and all the things related. Business checks in contrast are empty checks put to use with a variety of accountancy tools such as Microsoft Money, MYOB, Checkmark, Quicken, QuickBooks, Peachtree, and a lot more. These are printed with a dot-matrix, inkjet printer, or laser printer or by retaining a professional check publishing vendor. Computer and business checks give proficiency to your business and deliver reliability and suppleness in cash dealings.

In these days computer and business checks are commonly opted by many institutions due to their extensive advantages. You may find a number of computer and business checks that you can purchase with numerous customizing choices. They could be tailored reliant on the requirement of the organization. A person might either select traditional varieties or contemporary style checks. The plan or the design of the check and colour schemes from the checks can be selected dependant on the budget and guidelines of the business. Business and computer checks are signed by authorized person of the group and provide firm’s name and sign designed over the check which display the credibility of this check.

You’d be able to make business and computer checks personally by getting a dedicated check printing machine that may assist you in designing the checks that are a sign of the position of your business and delivers a good impact. You will come across numerous advantages connected to Reliable Computer Checks and Business Checks. As an illustration they aid in seamless operation of the business and also in maintaining the fiscal account of the firm. They reflect the position as well as goodwill of the firm to a great level. A majority of these checks may be needed for several payouts for instance purchase invoices, paycheck, commodity, and so on. Give safety measures and overall efficacy for financial transactions.

They appear like a bit more upscale and fashionable as compared to individualized checks. A lot of selections of style are out there for customization. Computer and business checks are a budget friendly and safe means of payments. They are very useful for small-scale and average organizations for the reason that they give them the best branding choice which confirms that the organization is lawful and profitable. It at the same time might save their banking charges. Outstanding styling and functionalities of Quickbooks checks offer a clear hint of the organization on everybody.

Customization of checks gives enterprises the convenience to do printing of checks which are worthwhile to make a brand name for the company and improve respect in an immense manner. Customizing checks reduce the probability of bogus check and deter theft and misappropriation. High quality computer printers are essential for producing the best legal checks given that these checks contain unique magnetic ink which shields enterprises from probability of illicit payment. The online world has a wide collection of fine quality computer checks and business checks in numerous sizes, designs, as well as shades. As well these checks are recognized by all banks and finance companies.

Some Thoughts on Log Analysis

The thought of putting up a startup business can be very motivating. However, issues will always be inevitable, especially when your business involves the use of technological advancements. Say for example computers.

Talking about computers, you should know that each of them have one thing in common: they all generate what are so called log data, automatically. The creators did not just let that be for no reason. Everything within every automation system is purpose driven. In the simplest case of log data generation, it is for the purpose of keeping track of every event as it happens in a computer.

Telling you about log data comes with a purpose too. It is to make you aware that the best way to initiate with troubleshooting is to refer to these logs first. Perhaps it is something that will let you move on to the next phase of your troubleshooting, which would entail the actual application of the necessary fixes. Nevertheless, utilizing log files and alike will always be an essential part of the cleaning process of your system.

So, how does one make good of the log files? Basically, you need to have the right tools put into application. Logs don’t just work like magic and in rare cases, they could actually make the situation seem more complicated. For instance would be secure shell logs or SSH logs induced by secure shell networks. These data are rather cryptographic or in other words, securely coded. By employing an advanced log analysis tool that extends to the scope of SSH tailing, the codes can be parsed into something purely readable. Apart from that, be specific with other features and the maximum capacity it can hold through the process of assimilating all logs within different file or source folders.

The main point is, you need to be specific with the kind of analysis tool you are using. Otherwise, your efforts will come to no fruition. Have a good one!


Local Area Log Viewing and Analysis

Periodically, IT specialist and programmers perform their routine checks of a local network of computers linked together inside a company. In order to this task, they would have to rely on the different sets of data that has been stored into the network’s main computer system over a specific period of time. These different kinds of data are commonly known as a computer system’s log files which were once the systems record of its audit trail. The process of accessing these various log information is called log viewing and is then followed by a process for the identification of issues and its corresponding solution called log analysis. But what prompts specialists to perform such tedious, time consuming task? Listed below are the different kinds of purposes for performing log viewing and log analysis for a local area network of computers.


In lieu of the various security issues encountered by various companies over the past years such as system hacking, extraction of confidential and important information and leaking of such information to the public for unlawful purposes such as theft and extortion, various companies especially those who are concerned with information technology, banking and intelligence have

formulated security measures for them to be able to track down those responsible for such acts. One way of tracing and identifying these perpetrators is through the use of log files to be able to connect various lines directly to the person responsible. This process is impossible without the presence of these log files which acts as a pathway that these people use to infiltrate a company’s computer network system.


As mentioned above, log files are needed for the identification of issues and errors within a local network. Analysts use the log files they have collected from the system database and compare it with the ones showing the error for them to be able to troubleshoot the problem, come up with a specific solution to put the system back up and running to perfection. Because log files are emitted by all the devices connected to the computer, they will produce a signature log file that would need troubleshooting.


Best Kept Secret To Purchasing A Vehicle

Financing a vehicle can at times be a tricky road to go. Some people go into the ordeal blindly in purchasing a car or truck or SUV and they are unprepared. It helps if you have been pre-approved or have been through or at least seen the ropes before. If that is the case then you are able to go into the purchase transaction more prepared and therefore with less surprises.

A tip worth writing down or noting in your memory for good is to look into financing (should you need it) before walking in and talking with the finance department of the auto shop. If you talk to your own bank about a Cresco auto loan then you are way ahead of the game when going in to make a vehicle purchase. Once you are pre-approved for a certain amount of financing it is good to know that and then you can go into it all with your head held high and knowing what to expect. From there it is simply a matter of choice and personal preference on a vehicle. That keeps the ball rolling or on your side of the court to your favor.

Health Care Reform Act & EMRs

Electronic medical records provide many benefits to both the consumer and the provider of health care. It has proven so far to be an effective form or communication and many health care locations are pressing onward in implementing this form of communication to be used in their facilities. As we are pressing forward as a nation with the Health Care Reform Act, more and more Americans are having to look at what actually is changing and how they will be affected. Covered California applies to those in the state of California and other states have their own unique laws as well–of course all under the umbrella of the federal government and their laws. EMRs are part of this change.

The media in this modern day swarming with television, online access in every coffee shop, and on cell phones makes a change in communication but does not greatly impact EMRs. EMRs are something that are used internally; something that creates the flow of information easier for the internal network, not necessarily the outside public community.

Battlefield 3

People from the gaming community simply can’t get enough of first person shooting games. And who wouldn’t? Its simple formula of just aiming and shooting target enemies while trying real hard not to get killed has been proven a lot of times to be really addictive. This is probably the reason why games like Battlefield 3 is still hot on the market right now. Why? Here are some of the reasons why Battlefield 3 is still firing in all cylinders in the first person shooting game world.

Successful Franchise

One of the main reasons why Battlefield 3 is such a hit to the masses is because it followed the footsteps of a lot of first person shooting games added with better graphics and superb gameplay. As the eleventh installment of the Battlefield franchise and the direct sequel to Battlefield 2, it sure has made a lot of improvements from the previous Battlefield games that would surely entice Battlefield fans all over the world. Furthermore, Battlefield 3 can be played through various gaming platforms such as Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows and iOS giving owners of these different gaming platforms to play together through multiplayer modes without any problem whatsoever.

Improved Gameplay

Battlefield 3 has some great features in itself when it comes to actually playing the game. Players can now enjoy battling through a wide variety of maps such as Tehran, Paris, New York, Oman, Kuwait, Wake Island and some parts of the Persian Gulf. These different maps also has some improvement terrain and and open landscape adjustment that would be perfect for those who would like to engage in vehicle combat. In addition, Battlefield 3 also introduces their newest communication feature known as Battlelog which allows text messaging, communication through voice, view of game statistics and of course the ability to join the games that your friends are already playing in.


With the improved graphical presentation of the game and the multiplayer functionality plus the action packed gaming experience, Battlefield 3 will surely be a hit in anyone’s gaming list. Plus with the various downloadable content such as Back to Karkland, Close Quarters, Armored Kill, Aftermath and End Game, it will surely be an awesome Battlefield 3 experience.

Battlefield 3 Crack