What Does The Bible Say About Worry

What Does The Bible Say About Worry


Jesus said unto his disciples “i therefore tell you don’t worry about your life,what you are going to eat nor what you are going to put on because the birds of the sky they do not reap or sow,they have neither a barn to store their harvest,and yet the Lord almighty provides for them.” This tells us that we do not need to worry about anything because God will always provide us with our needs as long as we believe and have faith in his help.

Psalms 37:7

What does the Bible Say About Worry: The Bible tells us to be still and wait patiently for God and not to worry about other peoples success and misfortunes. It also teaches us as human beings to stay away from anger and forget about wrath. By refraining from anger we are able to stay away from evil deeds which could make us not inherit the land.

The Bible also tells us not to be frightened and that we be courageous because God is with us wherever we go. Blessed is the person who will put his trust in the Lord and does not let his heart worry about earthly things since they will all come to an end. These are a few of the Bible verses about worry that are in the Bible.

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