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How To Be Set For A Construction Work Day

When you are out on the job like I am from construction site to construction site, the physical toll on your body can really wear at you. Having the right support and tool belt can make all the difference. When you have the right combination of a heavy duty support belt with a tool belt at your waist then you can be set to go for the full work day.

Another way to be set for the full work day is to eat breakfast. There is nothing like breakfast that will start you off the right energy you need for the day.

Next is to hydrate. So the saying goes: hydrate or die! We all need water and the construction industry makes it so that you are outside sweating and loosing that water. Staying hydrated is key when working outdoors and physical work.

Lastly, come prepared to work with safety in mind. Staying safe on the job will ensure you are safe and will make it through the day. Ask about new hazards that day, pay attention to warning signs, wear your hard hat, and for your own personal safety wear a back brace if you need it.

How to Score Concrete

I just found an awesome blog post about how to score concrete.

If you stain the floor after scoring and before sealing the score lines will be stained with the rest of the floor and will usually be a little darker than the floor stain color.

If the scoring is done after the staining is finished the grout lines will be the original color of the concrete. This will give you the appearance of looking more like tile without grouting.

You also have the option of scoring after the Austin concrete staining and then grouting the lines to give you more of an authentic look of tile. The grouting should be done after the first coat of sealer. Allow the grout to dry overnight and then apply the second coat of sealer. This of course should be followed by three coats of floor finish to act as a sacrificial lamb for the sealer.

It is best that the score line only be 1/8″ deep so as to make the floor much easier to clean. If you score the lines deeper than that it enables the grout lines to trap more dirt, animal hair etc.. If you feel you need to score the lines deeper then you may want to use a 100% solids epoxy as this will help fill in the grout lines and it will give the floor a much deeper look.