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Ice Ball Molds Make Great Cocktails & Decorations!

Did you know you could get sphere shaped ice ball molds online? They are great for having with your cocktail, but they also make pretty cool decorations!

Use and ice ball in your drink to keep it chilled without diluting it as much as crushed ice. You see, crushed ice melts extremely fast. This is due to all of it’s surface are that come into contact with the beverage’s liquid. The ice transfers its coldness to the liquid, and in the process it melts. These ice ball molds make a large sphere that has less surface area but more volume. Therefore they dont melt as fast. You can actually have multiple cocktails with the same chunk of ice.

As for decorations, you can use water, or different types of juices, coffee, tea, etc in the ice ball maker so you can have various colors and effects. Float them in a punchbowl for a cool aesthetic. Use them in a flower vase to keep the plants fresh and add a splash of intrigue to the vase. The uses are limited only by your imagination!

Just preplan if you’re going to make ice balls because it can take some time to freeze enough to make the decorations look good and have extras just in case they melt too quickly at your party. Another thing you may want to consider is what you use to color the ice balls- fruit punch, food coloring, milk can give you different colors, but you want to be careful that you’re not mixing flavors that will taste disgusting together! That is, if you’re going to drink it. If you’re just using as decorations well then I guess it doesn’t matter what it tastes like.

Vintage GE Refrigerators: Restoring Your Old Appliances

There are refrigerator components that can easily fail. Fragile components for instance the evaporator door, meat tray cover which is made of fragile plastics that can easily break if you are not careful. If you have a classic type or vintage GE refrigerator and you need some parts to restore it, it will be difficult to obtain the majority of its parts, particularly brand new replacement parts. What you can do is to search for secondhand or used General Electric refrigerator parts. One good place to find them is in eBay, people from all over the world sells all types of used merchandise there. Instead of just sending them away to junk shop they auction their vintage GE fridge by the parts.

One of the reliable brands when it comes to compact kitchen appliances is the “General Electric” or GE, and one of their most popular products is the fridge, which include the GE Profile fridge. They manufacture some of the most dependable and tough fridge in the market today. When we say rugged it does not really mean they are indestructible, one way or the other some parts specially the one that always moving, parts that expires and sensitive components like glass will fail eventually and needed to be changed.

Compressor parts aren’t standard GE appliance parts that you can regularly obtain in a electronics store, however if you really need them you can acquire them in refrigeration and air-conditioning repair shops and various shops that are experts in compressors.

Pfister Faucets: Essential To A Classic Kitchen Design

The whole range of Pfister faucets is smartly designed, and they also provide a selection of extra accessories to match all of the consumer choices. The entire range of products includes a choice of Price Pfister faucet parts, for the entire range. This implies that the consumer choices will be in perfect working condition at all times. The components in addition to being readily available are also completely affordable.

Kitchen faucet parts also needs to be considered to ensure the products being acquired can be serviced on a regular basis. This attractive collection has almost everything that the consumer might need and much more than they ever anticipated. This includes attractiveness, elegance and style with every single one of the product range.

The most recent design types will blend effortlessly directly into the latest style trend. There are a range of distinct styles, and finishes to suit the most discerning preferences. These amazing product ranges are highly unique and will go well with just about any lifestyle, or budget for that matter. This remarkable product is bound to add to the value of any home at the same time.

The beautiful and stylish workmanship is only bested by the lifetime guarantee on the finish and function of the entire range. This provides true peace of mind, in knowing that all the products can be purchased without having to worry about replacements further down the line.

Have A Safer Stairways With Outdoor Stair Streads

Many public sites are now using stair treads as extra safety against slips and falls. These are popular even in leisure parks and cruise ships. Any place where people need to move more safely is a perfect spot for them. The investment in safety is well worth the extra confidence that accidents will be less likely to happen.

Because outdoor stair treads are available in a range of widths, several manufacturers also offer stair treads in different lengths. When unusual dimension is needed, most can be trimmed to match the step width. They are also available in different thickness. The front edge that folds over the step is called the nose. It is possible to obtain round, square or tapered nose areas. The front of each step, called the return, is also an area that can be covered with a short or long area of material. Convenience and durability all come into play when making these decisions, so consulting the supplier is best for these alternatives.

Prices for individual pieces can range from forty to eighty bucks for heavy duty outdoor styles to twenty dollars and under for basic pads. Many companies do offer special discounts on blemished materials. The commercial types are fixed to the stair steps with glues that are either water or solvent based. Applicators are usually provided with the purchase. It is also possible to arrange for professional installation.