Hand Pumps: Certainly Never Go Out Of Style

The hand pump with a handle to work up and down, manually ‘priming’ the system, was a familiar view in earlier days. Nowadays, cutting-edge submersible pumps have turned out to be the standard in most established countries, and municipal systems with centralized pumping services mean that many homes can have fresh water effortlessly. These days the previous models of manual water pump which used to stand over a well or a cistern may be merely decorative, while they can be found at remote hunting cabins far from electric power lines.

A basic manual unit can draw from about twenty feet down. There are methods to boost the depth of the pump, such as using a very small pipe. For under developed populations, the simplest design may work best, because servicing may be taken for granted and spare parts hard to get. Experts work to create products constructed with materials that can be gotten locally and that can work with the least number of parts that can wear out.

Drinking, washing, and irrigating are all very important, but there are other reasons that people need this sort of equipment. Go online to see the variety of tasks that call for specialized pumps, such as syringe models or siphon units. Often only a small amount of fluid needs to be transferred, or a task only needs to be done once in a while, so manual operation is feasible.

The hand pump that brings this element so necessary for all life to where it is needed is truly one of the major developments in the history of the human race. It is also within reach of all, being easy to make with things from any hardware store for as little as $20. Go online to learn more about the history, uses, and variations on this truly great invention.