Calculating your Auto Accident Personal Injury Settlement

Personal injury claim is usually calculated using a personal injury settlement calculator. The calculator provides an easier way of computation in determining the amount of settlement. A injury can happen to anyone, and the settlement process is initiated when a person falls victim to an accident caused by another person due to their recklessness or negligence. In such cases, the victim is entitled to compensation from the other party. The calculators are used specifically in injury cases. They are very effective because they help one reduce the time they would have used to come up with an appropriate amount.

The calculators take into account medical expenses, hospital bills, monetary losses including the future loses, pain and suffering, lifestyle, duration of treatment and prosthetics so that you can recover some legal damages. The calculation of an injury settlement also takes into account all sets of circumstances. Most insurance companies calculate these damages beginning with the total medical expenses incurred, otherwise called medical special damages. They then add general damages. General damages take into account depression and any other non monetary claims.

The formula used to calculate injury settlement whose injuries are not so severe is: Personal injury compensation= (1.5x special damages) income lost due to injury.

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