What Causes Ants in the House

Ants are very tiny insects that can be found in anywhere in every home. Usually they are ignored in their small numbers, but in great numbers they threaten our environment. Despite what it may appear, ants may be in your house whether its clean or not. What causes ants in the house may be food or water and shelter.

Ants may actually not be living in your house but not far from you. To get rid of ants completely you have to locate their colony and destroy it. This may not be difficult as you can follow ants procession to their hide out.

Causes of Ants in the House

Food: Almost every home has in abundance for ants. Unless you find a way to prevent ants from reaching any part of the house ants will find their food. They are so small to through any tiny way. They can even travel to places by wires. Avoid leaving food containers uncovered and clear any food particles away.

Water: If you have leakages causing water to spill around your home that would be a good source of water for ants.

Shelter: Ants like all living things would like to live in places that are peaceful for them. Until you try to move them they would be there for good. As said already, what causes ants in the house may be any one of the above.