Effective Puppy Leash Training

Puppy Leash Training is much easier than most people think. There is really no need to be feel apprehensive about teaching your new pup how to walk peaceably by your side. It is important to take your time so that both you and your puppy enjoy the entire process and you as the new owner get the results you expect: a well behaved dog that will obey your commands.

The first thing you want to do is to get the puppy used to wearing a collar. There are several types of collars to choose from including leather and nylon collars. Choke collars are not recommended. Once your pup is acclimated to the collar, familiarize him to the leash you will be using as well. Only after these two things are done, then start your puppy leash training.

Here are a few tips you should know before you begin to leash train a your puppy:

  1. Avoid metal chains during your puppy leash training sessions as these could hurt your puppy if they get tangled.
  2. A 6 feet long leash will be a good length to assure that you keep your new puppy close enough to you during the training.
  3. Do not, repeat, do not yank on the leash to get your puppy to do what you want. This could injure their neck and is overall counterproductive
  4. Be patient and take your time during the training. Your pup will learn but probably not after the first day.
  5. 5. Give your puppy lots and lots of praise when he or she does what you want. Remember, your new puppy really does want to please you.

Above all, puppy leash training should be an enjoyable experience for both you and your new member of your family! Have fun!