New Site on Chairs for the Elderly

When you have aging parents you need to consider their comfort and mobility. They get older, and it’s not as simple as a car and a lazyboy recliner. You seriously need to consider the various kinds of chairs that are out there for simple sitting (which have lift assists) and mobility, which are often covered by the government in medicare or medicaid.

We are developing our site that focuses specifically on being a one stop resource for finding various types of chairs for the elderly, be it for mobility, comfort or lift assist. We are going to bring you reviews, links and authoritative opnions about the chairs you can get, where to get them, and insurance that might cover them.

We hope you’ll stop by and see what we have to offer, and to leave any comments or helpful information you might have to add. If you are an author on elder care topics, or elder issues, you can contact us for posting as we are looking for contributors.

In the light of the aging populations in a variety of countries, notably the U.S., Japan and parts of Europe, it’s essential to have good elder resources for you online. We hope to contribute to that and make finding the information you need easier.

So, welcome! And please visit us.