Organic is better!

Organic chickens are healthier

Now, you may grieve at Stanford, because there is no clear study on “Are organic people healthier?” are. A study on the question “Are organic chicken healthier?” There is. This shows that organic chickens a stronger defense force and have to cope after an infection with a significantly shorter recovery period until they are healthy again, as is the case with conventionally held chickens.

Amazon ImageWe can be so much better off if we would all just stop using dangerous pesticides and chemicals on the food we grow and animals we eat. Organic food is a much better choice!

Even an organic vegetable is – of course – better than conventional vegetables.

One in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine published study found that organically grown vegetables, fruits and grains significantly more vitamin C , magnesium and phosphorus and significantly less nitrates than conventionally grown vegetables contain. Also, it seemed that contain herbal organic products while less protein , for this. higher quality Just as organic products were less contaminated with heavy metals than conventional products. 6 Two other studies showed similar, namely that organic spinach less nitrate, but like organic tomatoes more vitamin C and flavonoids provides more.

Again, it is known that a diet of nitrate-laden foods – can lead to health problems – especially in children. A diet low in nitrate from organic food we would therefore want to designate as much healthier. Furthermore, when more vitamin C, magnesium, and phytochemicals such as flavonoids are contained, the better. The latter were not even taken into account the way in Stanford, although in today’s health and cancer prevention hold a very high priority.

Organic protects better against cancer

And when we’re on the topic of cancer, then you may interested this study of black currant. Here it was discovered that the organic berries not provided the same high yields as currants conventionally treated. However, the reported organic red currants on a higher vitamin C content and cancer cells could obviously better than conventional block currants. From that researchers of the Danish Aarhus University that organic currants have a higher health value for the consumer.

Organic food is much more

With organically produced food but not only counts, what specifically to important nutrients and vital substances in the salad, the potato infected or meat or what is lacking in concrete of contaminants and drug residues. Very important is also the origin of the seeds concerned. Thus, the organic agriculture – still trying to remain GM-free – despite increasing thresholds.

In addition, processed foods are also known. Processed organic foods are but – in contrast to conventional food – free of artificial food additives (eg, artificial sweeteners , artificial colors, preservatives, etc.).

Furthermore, organic foods are usually very carefully and gently and often even processed using highly energy-saving technologies. All of these factors were at Stanford under the table and yet you dare to say with such incomplete information collection, organic food would be not very different from conventional.

Who funded the Stanford study?

Apart from the funding source of the Stanford analysis is referred to as “not available”. So the scientists analyzed more than 200 studies in question, without being paid for it. That seems a bit unusual and could be tempted by certain conjectures, about this, that the lenders do not want to be named, otherwise the objective of the analysis – namely misinformation instead of information – could perhaps be too obvious?

With organic you feel better and not have problems with diseases!

Fortunately, you will not be guided by the mainstream media around by the nose. And so it goes you might like the participants in the following study: The higher quality of organic food you feel that is the hard way – even if it’s still like to give any clear studies. Using a questionnaire, 566 participants were asked about their personal health experiences as a result of switching to organic foods. 70 percent of participants reported significant health effects. Of these reported 70 percent of a better general health, higher energy levels and better resilience in relation to diseases (almost exactly like the organic chicken!). 30 percent of a better mental condition, 24 percent of improved gastric and intestinal functions , 19 percent of better skin , healthier hair and / or nails and 14 percent of less allergic symptoms .

Can organic feed the world?

Organic is better with organic and makes you feel better. Ok, you say, but now when everyone wanted to buy organic food, then large parts of humanity starvation is certain. They will add that organic agriculture finally due to lower yields and higher land at the same time demand certainly could not feed the entire world population. Fortunately, she can – and better long-term than conventional agriculture.

Even though we should be made of almost all pages knows that conventional agriculture constituted with its multitude of chemicals and their genetically modified seeds, the only way to feed the world population, this is definitely not the case. Conventional agriculture may be ONE way. One way of – readily apparent to everyone – sooner rather than later in the ecological collapse and thus end in little glorious finale of mankind.

Organic does not equal organic

Another way is organic farming – and here we are talking about the real biological agriculture (which is implemented according to the rules of organic farming associations, such as organic, Demeter, etc.) and not from the pseudo-biological agriculture, the times just in the hope of higher profits jumped on the organic train erfolgsverheissenden, only meets the minimum legal requirements and – whenever possible – exemptions (eg for food or grazing) exploits. The real organic agriculture can – as the following studies show – not only feed the world population, but to save the earth from impending ecological crisis.

Bio rescues poor countries

In a study by the University of Michigan, for example, the researchers found that organic farming not only in industrialized countries, but especially in the third world the same, if not can achieve even higher yields than conventional farming. Also, this study showed that the global population could be very well bio-feed with the already existing areas – and WITHOUT the environment and people’s health at risk.

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