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"Coin Price Guides"

Coin collectors and dealers alike know that the new Price Guides are here. By far the most famous is the RedBook by R. S. Yeoman and edited by Kenneth Bressett. The new 2006 edition went on sale July 5, 2005 and is already ranked #15,594 at

Since 1947 the Red Book has been the definitive guide to coin valuations for an ever growing population of coin collectors. Even the Red Book itself has become a collectible with the 1st edition valued at $750. in VF condition.

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Are you a coin collector or a numismatist???

There are almost as many different ways of collecting coins as there are collectors. Many collectors specialize in some area of collecting, at least for a time.

Numismatics is the scientific study of money and its history in all its varied forms.

While numismatists are often characterized as studying coins, the discipline also includes the study of medals, medallions, and tokens.

Numismatists are sometimes differentiated from coin collectors inasmuch as the latter chiefly derive pleasure from the simple ownership of monetary devices, whereas the former are more concerned with acquiring knowledge about monetary devices and systems. In fact, many numismatists are also collectors and vice-versa.

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At the very highest levels of coin collecting, it can become a highly competitive sport. Recently, this has exhibited itself in registry sets, where the most complete set of coins with the highest numerical grades assigned by grading services are published by the grading service. This can lead to astronomical prices as dedicated collectors strive for the very best examples of each date and mint mark combination.

More about the Numismatics and Coin Collecting can be found at Wikipedia, the free encyclodpedia.

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