Wedding Band Tips

Who wants a terrible band for their wedding? Not you! Not me! Not your guests!

Remember the foulmouthed wedding singer in the movie The Hangover?

This should put a scare into you about what can happen if you make the mistake of choosing a wedding band that doesn’t take its job seriously.

Without a doubt, you should only look for experienced bands and not amateurish ones that perform for little money. For instance, you are likely to get affect the list of music if you make the mistake of hiring a band that only performance at clubs and bars. Those are musicians who are not used to taking requests.

And they don’t know how to be a DJ either – in that they don’t know how to read the mood of a room and play to it. Wedding musicians are supposed to come in with professional quality equipment, and they are supposed to be properly and elegantly attired. It’s hard to get all of this with anyone who isn’t a professional wedding band. Usually, it isn’t worth it going with just any musician.

The scene with the inappropriate singer in The Hangover does make a point. Most people only pay attention to the playlists that the wedding bands they look at, have. It’s important also to have a do-not-play list. This of course, is something that the wedding band keeps. If you happen to have specific ideas about what shouldn’t be played, just as long as your list isn’t too long, do bring it along.

A professional wedding band always has insurance, and they have backup plans and backup players. This is one reason why it’s important to choose a wedding band that’s actually trained and prepared for the purpose. You can’t have any serious mistakes at a wedding. And you need to be able to sue them should they do something horrible.

A professional wedding band usually has insurance for this, and they have specific policies on what kind of breaks they take, and so on. You need to make sure that whatever wedding band you hire, that they have backup, should someone call in sick or something.

A professional wedding band is likely to have a lot of ideas for what kind of music might go really well for every kind of wedding situation. They’ll give you a list of all the popular requests for father-daughter dances and so forth. They’ll be able to call on an extensive knowledge of everything that people tend to like in specific wedding situations. This is a valuable asset in any wedding.

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